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Karen is an engaging speaker on topics ranging from over-population to wild plant recipes. She is available for talks, interviews, and book signings.

Featured Books by Karen Shragg


Grieving outside
the box

For those who grieve
but do not belong to a strongly knit
religious group, twelve personal stories
and poems give solace to those who
need to hear that others have been on
their journey too.

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organic dreams and pickled nightmares

This pocketful of political poetry, covers topics from healthcare to
overpopulation, and conservation to our
current political nightmare. Sprinkled throughout are words of encouragement
and hope.

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The Wolf Within

A collection of easy-to-comprehend
poems which will awaken readers to
a series of ideas in support of
progressive issues. Some poems will make you laugh, others will make you think,
others will inspire you to rethink your

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