More Estrogen Please

Calling all caring females, we need your perspective in an issue that is too male dominated. Yes, we must add to the long list of things that about as much as Nascar driving and professional wrestling. I appreciate my male colleagues but I long for more women to join me in my passion, being an overpopulation activist.

Why is this issue male dominated? I am not sure, but I can guess that it is full of math and statistics and lacks the emotional appeal that many women are looking for in an issue.  We can broaden the reach of the message by focusing on the story of overpopulation as an opportunity to prevent suffering. Men tend to love graphs and statistics which show the loss of resources as a result of growing human numbers.  So far that approach has not caught fire. What has more of a chance to work is an emotional appeal to change our story on this planet in order to allow the survival of most species.

We don’t need more number crunching, we need a way to discuss two narratives at a time. We can love immigrants while demanding that we first consider how many people can live in a given aquifer. We need to take advantage of a multi-tasking brain which can exude love while calling for one child families. Women do this naturally and we need that kind of gift.

Overpopulation is a very compassionate issue but has rarely been portrayed that way. What could be more compassionate than to put a tourniquet on the way overpopulation makes us hemorrhage resources and create suffering with the resulting scarcities? Mother nature has a very scary story in store for those who chose to keep ignoring the physics of limits and women need to jump into the ring to help . I promise to keep the numbers simple. There are simply too many of us on this limited planet, but not enough women willing to take the lead on the most important issue of our time.